Nylon Fitting Manifolds, Female Threaded

供应商: Avantor Fluid Handling
MFLB31522-39EA 0 CNY
MFLB31522-39 MFLB31522-49 MFLB31522-59 MFLB31522-37 MFLB31522-47 MFLB31522-57 MFLB31522-45 MFLB31522-55 MFLB31522-33 MFLB31522-43 MFLB31522-53 MFLB31522-31 MFLB31522-41 MFLB31522-51
Nylon Fitting Manifolds, Female Threaded
Come in a variety of configurations—choose the number of ports and connections to suit your needs!

  • Constructed of durable nylon

Constructed of nylon for economic general applications while offering good chemial compatibility.

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