Masterflex® 2通常闭电磁挤压阀,Avantor®

供应商: Avantor Fluid Handling
MFLB98302-06EA 0 CNY
MFLB98302-06 MFLB98302-46 MFLB98302-02 MFLB98302-36 MFLB98302-48 MFLB98302-26 MFLB98302-16 MFLB98302-20 MFLB98302-42 MFLB98302-32 MFLB98302-10 MFLB98302-54 MFLB98302-00 MFLB98302-22 MFLB98302-12 MFLB98302-50 MFLB98302-40 MFLB98302-30
Masterflex® 2通常闭电磁挤压阀,Avantor®
阀门 Solenoid Valves
No contamination of valve.

  • Control flow in your tubing without direct contact between the fluid and the valve
  • Fast response time
  • Low-power consumption and high-cycle life
  • Excellent for sanitary and pharmaceutical applications

Choose from two-way NC, two-way NO, or three-way pinch valves. These are ideal where contamination is an issue, as the fluid only comes in contact with the tubing, not the valve. Tubing replacement is quick and easy, making these suitable for pharmaceutical or sanitary applications. Mounting clip or mounting flange available separately for increased versatility.

Delivery information: 12" 长硅胶管。其他管线单独出售。所有阀门都带有 15" 26 规格的 PTFE 涂层导线

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