Masterflex® Single-Use Transfer Tubing, Gamma-Irradiated C-Flex® Clear, Avantor®

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Masterflex® Single-Use Transfer Tubing, Gamma-Irradiated C-Flex® Clear, Avantor®
胶管 Transfer Tubing
Reduce the risk of microbial contamination.

  • Ideal for general -purpose, single-use, and extended fluid path applications
  • Global market leader in range of formulations for most extensive chemical compatibility
  • Single-use custom lengths and configurations available to minimize downtime
  • Regulatory Approvals to match your unique application
  • Gamma sensitive labeling confirms treatment
  • Ultra smooth inner surface results in fewer extractables

Masterflex® gamma-irradiated transfer tubing protects your sensitive processes and products from accidental contamination while saving time! Gamma-irradiated tubing helps you avoid costly delays that can be associated with outsourced gamma irradiation services. Tubing is double bagged prior to undergoing the gamma irradiation sterilization process, and all sealed tubing is gamma irradiated at 32.5 kGy to offer optimal microbial control in a critical fluid pathway. Tubing boxes include gamma radiation-sensitive labels to confirm treatment. Ideal for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical processing, sensitive research, single-use systems, and more.

Masterflex® C-Flex® tubing offers enhances biocompatibility with longer pumping life. This tubing is nonpyrogenic, noncytotoxic, and nonhemolytic — protecting the purity of your fluid. Heat sealable and weldable, C-Flex tubing is ideal for biopharmaceutical processing and storage and botanical production.

For custom tubing lengths and configurations, please contact us. We can provide the tubing type, length, and quantity you need.

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