VWR®, Absorption Cuvettes

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VWRI634-1209EA 1283.57 CNY
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VWR®, Absorption Cuvettes
比色皿 分光光度计比色皿
High quality cuvettes manufactured from quartz or optical glass for accurate spectrophotometric analysis.

  • Fully heat-fused construction
  • Two cover types available: Flat lid and stopper
  • Matched sets available

Due to the fully heat-fused construction (no intermediate materials or adhesives), and careful annealing to remove any strain, there is no optical or physical distortion of the two optically polished windows. Flat lids and stoppers are made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Stoppered cells provide a more suitable seal for volatile liquids. Matched cells exhibit a transmission tolerance within 0,5% at 200 nm (quartz cuvette)/360 nm (optical glass).

Certifications: Manufactured under ISO 19001:2015. Certificate of Quality is attached with each product.

订购须知 Packs of two cuvettes are matched sets. For cuvettes used in fluorometers, please refer to 634-1223 series.

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