J.T.Baker®, Endonuclease

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J.T.Baker®, Endonuclease
J.T. Baker® Endonuclease is designed for the degradation of both single stranded and double stranded DNA and RNA and is used to ensure host cell DNA impurities are removed and to drive process efficiency by lowering viscosity and preventing aggregation. J.T. Baker® Endonuclease is an enzyme based upon the native endonuclease of Serratia marcescens, enabling rapid clearance of residual DNA and RNA during the production and purification of both recombinant proteins and viral vectors. Non-animal origin. Absence of proteolytic activity.

  • High purity, bioburden, and endotoxin tested
  • Rapid clearance of residual DNA and RNA
  • Easily cleared in downstream processing, detectable by routine analytical methods
  • 0.2 µm filtered solution
  • Various size offerings
  • Proven performance with J.T. Baker® Workflow solutions

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