Volumetric flask with glass [ST] stopper, class A, PYREX®

供应商: Corning
CORN5640-25 CORN5640-50FO CORN5640-10 CORN5640-1LFO CORN5640-1L CORN5640-50 CORN5640-2L CORN5640-200FO CORN5640-3L CORN5640-4L CORN5640-5L CORN5640-250 CORN5640-500FO CORN5640-250FO CORN5640-6L CORN5640-5 CORN5640-25FO CORN5640-2 CORN5640-10FO CORN5640-1 CORN5640-500 CORN5640-100 CORN5640-100FO CORN5640-200
Volumetric flask with glass [ST] stopper, class A, PYREX®
烧瓶 容量瓶
These PYREX® 5 ml volumetric flasks provide improved lab convenience, broad selection, and precise volume measurement.

  • Type I, class A, low expansion borosilicate glass
  • Class A accuracy
  • Easy to read graduation

These class A volumetric flasks have been manufactured to class A tolerances as established by ASTM E- 694 for volumetric ware, ASTM E-542 for calibration of volumetric ware, and ASTM E-288 for volumetric flasks.

The strength of these flasks has been increased appreciably through machine-blown bodies, to which are sealed heavy-tubing necks tooled for No.8 standard taper glass stoppers. The graduation line is sharp and permanent and large white block letters make the inscription easy to read.

Certifications: Meets ASTM standards E-438, E-694, E-542, and E-288.

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