Pipette washer/rinser, Nalgene®

供应商: Thermo Scientific
NALG5245-0040EA 3542 CNY
NALG5245-0040 NALG5245-0050
Pipette washer/rinser, Nalgene®
移液管和移液器 吸管洗涤器
For washing and rinsing of pipettes. Insert a filled pipette basket. Attach it to your sink water or DI tap and drain for repeated, automatic fill and empty cycling. The cycles continue until water source is turned off.

  • One piece, leakproof, weld-free and made of robust HDPE
  • Large tubing diameter permits faster cycles and allows water to drain completely
  • Water inlet designed to eliminate back siphoning of contaminated water into water line, even if pressure drops
  • Slower cycling is achieved without attachments by turning down water source flow rate
  • Work well on low water pressure

订购须知 Baskets are sold separately.

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