Pierce™ BCA™ Protein assay kits and reagents

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Pierce™ BCA™ Protein assay kits and reagents
检测产品 蛋白质分析
Pierce BCA™ (bicinchoninic acid) reagents provide accurate determination of protein concentration with most sample types encountered in protein research. The Pierce BCA™ Protein Assay can be used to assess yields in whole cell lysates and affinity-column fractions, as well as to monitor protein contamination in industrial applications. Compared to most dye-binding methods, the BCA™ Assay is affected much less by protein compositional differences, providing greater protein-to-protein uniformity.

  • Colorimetric, so can measure with a standard spectrophotometer or plate reader (562 nm)
  • Excellent uniformity, exhibiting less protein-to-protein variation than dye-binding methods
  • Unaffected by typical concentrations of most ionic and nonionic detergents
  • Easier and faster than the classical Lowry method
  • High linearity and sensitivity - linear working range for BSA 20 to 2000 µg/ml; detection down to 5 µg/ml (with the enhanced protocol)

BCA™ Protein Assay applications include studying protein:protein interactions; measuring column fractions after affinity chromatography; estimating percent recovery of membrane proteins from cell extracts; and high-throughput screening of fusion proteins.

Delivery information: Each kit contains BCA Reagent A (500 ml or 2×500 ml), BCA Reagent B (25 ml), and Albumin Standard Ampoules (2 mg/ml, 10×1 ml).

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