Filter tips, uTIP™

供应商: Biotix

BITXM-0011-9FCEA 680.4 CNY
BITXM-0020-9FC BITXM-0200-9FC BITXM-0002-9FC BITXM-0010-9FC BITXM-0100-9FC BITXM-1000-9FC BITXM-0011-9FC BITXM-0300-9FC BITXM-1250-9FC96
Filter tips, uTIP™
This new generation of filter tips form an excellent seal on both single- and multi-channel pipettes. The tips are manufactured with proprietary technologies for increased pipetting accuracy and precision. Biotix filters are made from only the best materials and keep pipettes free of aerosol contamination.

  • PP, sterile, transparent
  • FlexFit™ provides a flexible nature at the proximal end of the tip, so reducing the loading and ejection forces when using a pipette
  • Blade™ technology eliminates hanging drops at the distal end of the pipette tip
  • Certified free of DNA, DNase, RNase, and endotoxins (pyrogens)

Low retention tips are made from X-Resin™, a patented hydrophobic low retention resin allowing maximum sample recovery. Robust sample recovery supports performance and data accuracy in today's most sensitive assays.

Certifications: Individually labelled. Manufactured under stringent controls in an ISO 9001 certified facility. Every lot is tested for precision assuring maximum quality and compatibility. All raw materials are traceable and CE certified.

Packaging: Each rack includes a unique lot number, part number and description for high traceability.

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