Vacuum filtration units, Rapid-Flow™ filters MF 75, Nalgene®

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific

NALG167-0045EA 0 CNY
NALG597-4510 NALG167-0045 NALG165-0045 NALG568-0020 NALG568-0010 NALG565-0010 NALG168-0045 NALG597-3320 NALG565-0020 NALG597-4520 NALG567-0010 NALG169-0045 NALG166-0045 NALG596-3320 NALG595-4510 NALG595-4520 NALG595-3320 NALG567-0020 NALG596-4510 NALG566-0010 NALG566-0020 NALG596-4520 NALG569-0020 NALG524-0020
Vacuum filtration units, Rapid-Flow™ filters MF 75, Nalgene®
过滤器 瓶口过滤器
Hydrophilic PES membrane, PS graduated housing. Ideal for biological and pharmaceutical sterilisation requirements. Universal tissue culture membrane with lowest protein binding and extractables. Rapid-Flow™ filters with 0,2 µm PES membranes are STEM CELL TESTED.

  • 0,1 µm filters guard against mycoplasma contamination
  • 0,2 µm filters remove all bacteria, ideal for sterilisation
  • 0,45 µm filters for particle removal and fluid clarification
  • 90 mm diameter filters provide large surface area for serum and other hard to filter solutions

The new multi-column design of the membrane support delivers uniformity and consistency. The Rapid-Flow™ membrane support coupled with the PES membranes offers fast flow rates and higher throughput.

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