Vacuum filtration units, Nalgene®

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific

NALG157-0045EA 0 CNY
NALG157-0045 NALG290-3345 NALG161-0045 NALG290-4520 NALG290-3320 NALG122-0045 NALG122-0020 NALG290-4545 NALG162-0045 NALG291-3320 NALG162-0020 NALG157-0020 NALG156-4045 NALG292-3320 NALG292-4520 NALG155-0045 NALG291-3345 NALG156-4020 NALG158-0045 NALG155-0020 NALG291-4520 NALG291-4545 NALG158-0020 NALG161-0020
Vacuum filtration units, Nalgene®
过滤器 瓶口过滤器
Surfactant-free cellulose acetate membrane (SFCA), PS funnel and collection reservoir. Ideal for cell culture, with low protein binding.

  • Funnel and receiver flask graduated
  • Quick disconnect tubing adapter
  • With cover

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