Volumetric flasks, class B, Nalgene®

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific

NALG4001-1000EA 576 CNY
NALG4001-0100 NALG4001-1000 NALG4001-0500 NALG4001-0250 NALG4001-0050
Volumetric flasks, class B, Nalgene®
烧瓶 容量瓶
PMP (TPX®), transparent, with PP screw cap.

  • Very robust and allowing precise measurement
  • Calibrated individually with permanent colour graduation line
  • Autoclavable when the stopper has been removed from the threaded neck and a small quantity of water has been added to the flask. Cleaning with mild alkaline detergents recommended up to +60 °C (accuracy may be affected over +60 °C)

Certifications: ASTM E288 and ISO Standard 384 Class B

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