Filter funnels, MicroFunnel™

供应商: Pall Laboratory

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Filter funnels, MicroFunnel™
漏斗 膜过滤漏斗
Ready to use disposable filter funnels with 47 mm diameter filtration membrane for microbiological analysis. Eliminates the cleaning and sterilisation required with reusable funnels. Membrane easily removed for culturing on agar or broth medium.

Filtration area: 13,46 cm²

100 ml: 61×76 mm with cover
300 ml: 88×91 mm with cover

GN-6 Metricel®: Mixed cellulose esters, white
Supor®: Polyethersulfone, white
Metricel® Black: Modified polyethersulfone, black

* with Petri dish lid kit

Ø×H: 100 ml: 61×76 mm with cover; 300 ml: 88×91 mm with cover

Packaging: Sterile, individually bagged.

* with Petri dish lid kit; ** bulk packed

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