Microcheck® II beverage monitors

供应商: Pall Laboratory

MicroCheck® II
PALL4761 PALL4764 PALL4762 PALL4763
Microcheck® II beverage monitors
漏斗 膜过滤漏斗
Membrane: GN Metricel® (mixed cellulose esters), Metricel® Black (modified polyethersulfone), sterile.

Squeeze to separate funnel from base
Can convert to a Petri dish for culturing
Ready to use directly on a filter manifold without adapters
Gamma irradiated

Applications include finished product testing of beverages for microbial contamination prior to release, monitoring process conditions for bioburden levels, evaluation of raw materials such as syrups, flavourings, water, and other liquid additives for microbial content.

External graduation marks according to standard methods for the analysis of water and wastewater.

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