Filter funnel, reusable, with clamp, Nalgene®

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific

NALGDS0315-0047EA 1973 CNY
Filter funnel, reusable, with clamp, Nalgene®
漏斗 膜过滤漏斗
Polysulfone funnel with aluminium clamp.

  • Tight fit prevents bypass even after autoclaving
  • Reservoir graduated from 100 to 250 mL in 25 mL increments
  • Aluminum clamp allows one-handed operation and easy membrane replacement

Perform high throughput particle and microbiological QC testing using the reusable filter funnel with Clamp. The quick release clamp provides fast and easy retrieval of membranes for efficient processing of large numbers of samples. The durable, break-resistant polysulfone funnel is strong, non-toxic and can be repeatedly washed and autoclaved.

订购须知 Includes: Rugged polysulfone funnel; polypropylene copolymer cover with three ports, three friction-fit TPE caps; support plate for 47 mm membrane; silicone gasket; No. 8 stopper (0.5625" hole); aluminum clamp.

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