Cell culture inserts, Nunc™

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific

NUNC140668EA 1655 CNY
NUNC140668 NUNC140656 NUNC140644 NUNC140654 NUNC140642 NUNC140620 NUNC140663 NUNC140652 NUNC140640 NUNC140660 NUNC140629 NUNC140627
Cell culture inserts, Nunc™
微孔板 插入板和插入物
For cultivation of most cell types, without matrix coating. Membranes are thermally welded to the polystyrene upper structure. Polycarbonate membranes in larger pore sizes are adaptable to many uses in cell culture including transport studies, toxicity tests, chemotaxis studies and electron microscopy. Membranes are transparent when wet and are suitable for phase contrast and Normanski Optic Systems.

  • Treated and quality controlled for cell culture
  • Excellent cell attachment and growth
  • Non toxic and resistant to most solvents
  • Low non specific binding

All Nunc™ Cell Culture Inserts: Recommended working volume (ml) = in addition to normal well working volume

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