HTS 24-well Multiwell Permeable Support System, Corning® FluoroBlok™

供应商: Corning
FluoroBlok™ Corning® FluoroBlok™
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HTS 24-well Multiwell Permeable Support System, Corning® FluoroBlok™
微孔板 插入板和插入物
The Corning® FluoroBlok™ HTS 24-multiwell insert system contains an automation-friendly, 24-multiwell cell culture membrane insert suitable for both manual and robotic screening of cells or compounds.

  • Saves time and labour in chemotaxis, cell migration and invasion assays by automating assay detection with real-time fluorescence
  • Rapid data collection without the need for plate washing or manual cell scraping and counting
  • Chart migration of cells and molecules in real time without dismantling or destroying the insert
  • Handle 24 inserts simultaneously, as all 24 inserts are part of a single unit that is compatible with Falcon® 24-well plates and feeder tray

The Corning® FluoroBlok™ insert system is made with an exclusive light-tight PET membrane that effectively blocks the transmission of light from 490 to 700 nm. Fluorescence from labelled cells or compounds present in the top chamber of the insert system is blocked from detection in the bottom chamber by the intervening membrane. Once fluorescently labelled cells or compounds pass through the membrane, they are no longer shielded from the light source and are easily detected with a fluorescence plate reader. The wide blocking range of the FluoroBlok™ membrane allows the flexibility to choose a variety of fluorophores for chemotaxis, cell migration, tumour cell or bacterial invasion, cell signalling, toxicity and permeability studies for oral bioavailability and absorption assays (Caco-2 cells).

Distance from membrane to bottom of well: 2,0 mm
Effective diameter of membrane: 6,5 mm
Effective growth area in 24-well plate: 2,0 cm²
Effective growth area of membrane: 0,3 cm²
Insert height: 18 mm
Pore density 3 μm insert: 8,0×10⁵ pores/cm²
Pore density 8 μm insert: 1,0×10⁵ pores/cm²
Suggested media volume in insert: 300 - 500 μl
Suggested media volume in well: 1000 - 4000 μl

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