Racks for cryoboxes, Nalgene®

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific
NALGDS5035-0004EA 2251 CNY
NALGDS5035-0004 NALG5038-4422 NALG5038-4322 NALG5036-0004 NALGDS5037-0004 NALGDS5037-0007 NALGDS5035-0009 NALG5036-0009
Racks for cryoboxes, Nalgene®
架子 冻存管架
Stainless steel.

Retainers hold each box securely but separately and allow fast retrieval of one box and immediate return to rack.

479-3351, 479-3352: for cryoboxes with 5×5 cryotubes
212-8117, 212-8118: for standard cryoboxes
479-3356, 479-3357: for cryoboxes with 5 ml tubes and Mr. Frosty

Fit most upright freezer compartments
For standard cryoboxes of 133×133×51 mm
With two lateral handles

Delivery information: Supplied without cryoboxes.

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