Test tube racks, Unwire™, Nalgene®

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Nalgene® Unwire™
NALG5970-0116EA 250 CNY
NALG5970-0116 NALG5970-0413 NALG5970-0513 NALG5970-0216 NALG5970-0316 NALG5970-0416 NALG5970-0516 NALG5970-0130 NALG5970-0230 NALG5970-0330 NALG5970-0430 NALG5970-0530 NALG5970-0013 NALG5970-0113 NALG5970-0213 NALG5970-0313 NALG5970-0016 NALG5970-0325 NALG5970-0425 NALG5970-0525 NALG5970-0020 NALG5970-0120 NALG5970-0220 NALG5970-0320 NALG5970-0420 NALG5970-0520 NALG5970-0025 NALG5970-0125 NALG5970-0225 NALG5970-0030
Test tube racks, Unwire™, Nalgene®
架子 Tube Racks
ResMer™, colour coded.

  • Heat resistant up to +135 °C, autoclavable
  • Good chemical resistance

The ResMer™ manufacturing technology improves the shelf life of these test tube racks under the harshest conditions such as autoclaving, cleaning in dishwashers, chemical disinfection and use in freezing conditions. They are unmistakable with durable and brighter colours. The racks do not float, so they are also very suitable for use in ice or water baths.

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