Lab soakers, Versi-Dry® and Super Versi-Dry®, Nalgene®

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Nalgene® VERSI-DRY®
NALG74218-00EA 1449 CNY
NALG74218-00 NALG62065-00 NALG62060-00 NALG74050-00 NALG62080-00 NALG74200-00 NALG74000-00 NALG74240-00 NALG74018-00 NALG74043-00 NALG74040-00 NALG62050-00 NALG62070-00
Lab soakers, Versi-Dry® and Super Versi-Dry®, Nalgene®
表面保护 台式保护器
Versi-Dry lab soakers protect surfaces and equipment, cushion breakable items and quickly absorb spills. The polythene backing is waterproof and resistant to chemicals. Standard version absorbs 750 ml/m², super version absorbs 1050 ml/m².

  • Multiple layers help protect glassware and other delicate items from breaking when dropped or tipped over on hard surfaces
  • Soft and non abrasive, does not scratch delicate surfaces or equipment
  • Can also be used as a tray, drawer or shelf liner or to wipe up spills

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