Cryogenic tubes, CryoTubes™, Nunc™

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Nunc™ CryoTubes™
NUNC375353EA 0 CNY
NUNC375353 NUNC377267 NUNC377224 NUNC379146 NUNC379189 NUNC368632 NUNC347597 NUNC366656 NUNC366524 NUNC347643 NUNC367997 NUNC363401 NUNC363452 NUNC363452_CZ NUNC347627 NUNC340711 NUNC351934 NUNC337516 NUNC375418
Cryogenic tubes, CryoTubes™, Nunc™
PP tubes with PP screw cap (internal thread vials) or PE screw cap (external thread vials) and white writing area, sterile. Developed for storage of cell cultures, bacteria and other samples at extremely low temperatures. Suitable for use in freezers as well as in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen*.

Non toxic, non pyrogenic.

Conform to IATA regulations for the air transportation of biological samples.

* Warning: Do not use CryoTubes™ in the liquid phase of liquid nitrogen unless correctly sealed in Nunc CryoFlex™ tubing. Improper use may cause entrapment of liquefied nitrogen inside the vial and lead to pressure build up, resulting in possible explosion or biohazard release. The tubes 479-6816 and 479-6853 are suitable for storage to −80 °C only.

* without writing area
** free standing
*** starfoot

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