Cryobank vials and Bank-It™ tube system, Nunc™

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Cryobank vials and Bank-It™ tube system, Nunc™
These cryogenic vials have the same features as the standard cryotubes. They are designed for long term low temperature storage. Some vials have laser etched unique 2D barcodes that allow for tracking of the samples. The codes are permanently attached so they do not separate from the vials. Barcoded vials feature standard microplate format racks.

  • Vials can be labelled with a cryopen
  • Microplate format is compatible with your existing multichannel manual pipettes and automated liquid handling equipment
  • Low binding surface allows maximum recovery of low concentration samples
  • Unique anti-rotation feature allows compatibility with automated decapping/capping equipment in single, 8-channel, or full rack options to accommodate multiple throughput requirements
  • Leak testing validation performed during the manufacturing process

TPE gasketed PP cap provides superior seal during high or low temperature storage.

Cryobank tubes are available in space conscious microplate format racks or can be stored in traditional cryoboxes.

Compatible with the complete line of 2D barcode readers, capping/decapping equipment and labelling options, Cryobank tubes can be used in manual or automated storage of biological samples down to the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen.

Bank-it™ products are designed for biological, genomic, and diagnostic sample storage.

Certifications: CE certified and conforms to IATA requirements for diagnostic use and transportation. Certified DNase/RNase free (0,5/1,0 ml), non-pyrogenic (LAL-test), non-toxic (USP class VI test). Sterility assurance level 10 to 6 for the most sensitive sample storage.

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