VWR®, Combined pH Electrodes, pHASE

供应商: VWR
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VWR®, Combined pH Electrodes, pHASE
电极 pH电极
Combined electrodes providing fast, accurate and stable pH measurements, ideal for control quality and research and development use.

  • Fast, accurate and stable pH measurements, fast thermal equilibration, high accuracy even in samples with large temperature range
  • Available with sealed design (economical, easy to use, with minimum maintenance) or Rapid-Renew design (refillable electrodes used with dirty or other samples that cause junction fouling)
  • Available with epoxy body (with good chemical resistance, maximum ruggedness and removable bulb guard) or glass body (maximum chemical resistance with fully exposed ruggedised bulbs)
  • With 1 m fixed cable

pH range: 0 to 14

Accuracy: to 0,04 pH between 0 to 100 °C in pH 7 buffer

Stability: 0,005 pH or less drift per hour

Temperature range: 0 to +100 °C

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