Centrifugal concentrators, bench top, CentriVap®

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Centrifugal concentrators, bench top, CentriVap®
蒸发器 离心蒸发器
CentriVap® vacuum concentrators are available in a range of configurations. The CentriVap® DNA model is supplied with a built-in 34 litres/min diaphragm pump, two 177 ml glass traps and a DNA rotor (60×1,5/2,0 and 72×0,5 ml). Model with glass lid is recommended for evaporation of solvents that are not compatible with acrylic (acetone, acetonitrile, ethanol, DMSO, etc.). The acid resistant model is recommended for corrosive solvents (TFA, acetic acid, etc.).

  • Powder coated aluminium chamber; PTFE coated aluminium chamber with Hastelloy shaft for acid resistant models
  • Centrifugation controlled by microprocessor, up to 1725 min⁻¹; heating controlled by microprocessor, up to +100 °C
  • Control panel with on/off button, pre-heating button, optional heat boost button, parameter setting, three Quick-Start™ buttons and Quick-Stop™ system
  • Automatic vacuum release valve
  • Wide LCD screen displaying the program number, current and recommended temperature, heating time, cycle time and optional heat boost activation

Collects evaporated liquid from the CentriVap® and protects the vacuum pump from corrosion. The cold trap may also be used in other laboratory applications such as freeze drying and desiccation. It is recommended to use a glass insert to protect the cold trap from corrosion when working with acids.

The collector is made from stainless steel and can collect up to 4 l of liquid. Luminous indicator signals when the operating temperature of −40 °C for the collector coil has been reached. With two Quick-Disconnect fittings for connection to a CentriVap Concentrator CFC-free refrigeration system includes a high-capacity, 1/3 hp compressor that can lower the temperature to −50 °C in less than 30 minutes with a quick start procedure.

On the ultra-low temperature model: CFC-free refrigeration system includes one 1/4 hp compressor and one 1/3 hp compressor to lower the temperature to −85 °C in less than 40 minutes.

订购须知 Vacuum pump, rotor and cold trap are required but not included (except for the CentriVap® DNA). Please contact your local Avantor sales office to discuss your application and receive advice on the best pump, rotor and trap options. Other concentrator models are available, please enquire for details.

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