Vertical electrophoresis systems, Owl™ P81 single-sided

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Vertical electrophoresis systems, Owl™ P81 single-sided
电泳系统 垂直电泳系统
The Owl™ P81 is a compact, single sided vertical electrophoresis system designed for economical, quick protein runs.

  • Simple to use, fast, efficient and provides excellent results
  • Upper buffer chamber extends the length of the gel to distribute heat evenly across the whole gel surface
  • Side clamps press the glass plates against a silicone gasket to provide uniform pressure and form a leak proof seal, resulting in flat, even banding patterns
  • For cooler, faster runs the system includes a notched alumina ceramic plate, which may be used in place of the notched glass plate

Gel W×L: 100×100 mm
Unit W×L×H: 80×180×130 mm
Running buffer volume: 150 ml (upper chamber 100 ml, lower chamber 50 ml)

Delivery information: Each system includes upper and lower buffer chambers, SuperSafe lid with attached power leads, blank glass plate, notched glass plate, 2 combs (10 well, 0,8 mm thick), and spacer set (0,8 mm thick).

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