Liquid samplers, LiquiSampler

供应商: Bürkle
BURK5330-1200EA 7421.48 CNY
BURK5330-1200 BURK5330-1100 BURK5330-2200 BURK5330-2100 BURK5330-1060 BURK5330-2060
Liquid samplers, LiquiSampler
采样器 液体取样器
Made of ultra-pure and chemically inert PTFE/FEP or PP for contamination-free sampling. Fits all vats and barrels with openings of at least 32 mm Ø.

  • Taking apart and cleaning is extremely simple
  • One hand push button operation
  • Easy to clean − Surfaces are free of pores and crevices, preventing accumulation of dirt
  • Colour coded push buttons in red, blue, green, yellow, white and black
  • Round screw threads proven in foodstuffs hygiene

Suitable for point sampling, cross-sectional sampling, bottom sampling from open and closed barrels, vats, tanks, silos and open waters (ponds, streams, lakes, rivers).

Certifications: DIN 53 242.

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