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VWRI444-7083EA 26998 CNY
VWRI444-7083 VWRI444-0274 VWRI444-0275
振荡器 摇箱
Incubating mini shaker with microprocessor control which is ideal for bacterial suspensions, hybridisations, staining and de-staining, metabolism studies and cell culturing. Variable speed control provides consistent, uniform shaking action. The speed is adjustable in 10 min⁻¹ increments up to 500 min⁻¹ and increments of 25 min⁻¹ up to 1200 min⁻¹ and the ramping feature slowly increases speed to the set point for added safety. The platform accommodates up to 5×250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks or vessels up to 130 mm tall.

  • 三个独立的速度、温度和时间LED显示屏
  • 集成1 s到160 h计时器,可显示经过时间或进行倒计时,程序结束时刻自动关闭或进行声音报警
  • 微处理器PID温度控制器能够在环境温度+5到+65 °C间保持精准的温度控制,可以1 °C为增量进行调节
  • 一系列可替换附件 PC盖可以实现在不影响内部温度的条件下,对样品进行查看

订购须知 订购信息:随附有孔托盘,但无附件。附件须单独订购。

Caution: 振荡器可容纳1个所述的架子或两个微型管架(444-0276)或35×10、20×25、12×50、8×125、5×250 ml烧瓶。

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