Incubated/refrigerated shakers, LabLine MaxQ™ 4000

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Labline MaxQ™
Incubated/refrigerated shakers, LabLine MaxQ™ 4000
振荡器 摇箱
Max Q™ 4000 combines bench top incubated and/or refrigerated temperatures with an orbital shaker.

  • Choice of three temperature ranges for molecular biology, cell and insect culture, and entomology studies with either analogue or digital operating formats
  • 5 year warranty on parts and LIFETIME on drive mechanism
  • Clear acrylic lid allows user to view samples without disturbing internal temperature
  • Triple eccentric drive that handles heavy workloads, provides uniform agitation and enables continuous 24-hour operation even at high speeds
  • Precisely monitor and control chamber temperature over complete range, with 0,1 °C accuracy at 37° using a PID temperature controller

Digital Operating System: Solid-state DC brushless motor, variable speed control from 15 to 500 min-1, and continuous and timed operation from 0,1 up to 999,9 h or 0,1 to 99,9 min. Displayed time counts up during continuous operation and down during timed runs. View speed, temperature and operating time simultaneously on three separate LED displays which helps minimise errors in establishing running conditions. Visual/audible signals alert user to temperature deviations. Heat unit turns off if temperature deviates ±1 °C from set point.

Shakers shut down and audible/visual alarms signal if unit operates ±10% of set speed, preventing shaker from moving along bench. Soft start feature eliminates splashing of vessel contents, wetting of flask closure, and helps prevent sudden starts and stops. Set point retention retains parameters during power failure and restarts unit automatically after power is restored. RS232 interface allows remote monitoring of speed temperature and time. Temperature can be monitored with built-in recorder jack for output to chart recorders for a permanent record. Over-temperature safety feature with independent thermostat provides additional backup by controlling heat if main temperature unit fails. Safety interlock stops platform motion when the lid is open.

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