Microplate shakers, Titramax range

供应商: Heidolph

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Microplate shakers, Titramax range
振荡器 微孔板振荡器
For vigorous mixing of microtitre plates. Vibration orbit of 1,5 mm guarantees no spills even with full vessels, 3 mm orbit gives best mixing results even with the smallest quantities. The shakers are designed for continuous operation and feature over-temperature protection, and an insulated platform with virtually no heat-up.

  • Modular system, Titramax 1000 can be combined with the Incubator 1000 and a flat hood
  • Timer function with audible signal allows a process time up to 120 minutes
  • Electronic speed control
  • Ideal for use under controlled conditions, can be used at 0 to 50 °C, in an incubator or a cold room

Certifications: IP Protection Class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 30

Delivery information: Titramax 1000 complete package includes: Vibrating platform shaker, Titramax 1000, heating module, Incubator 1000 and flat incubator hood.

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