Testing Sieves, All Stainless Steel

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VWRU57334-474EA 1539 CNY
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Testing Sieves, All Stainless Steel
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Brass wire cloth and frame for higher corrosion resistance than sieves containing brass wire cloth or frames. High durability and wear resistance. Less likelihood of metallic sample contamination. Full coarse and fine mesh range down to 20 µm (0.0008"). Sturdy construction with fillet solder bead between the frame and wire cloth to prevent particles from being trapped. Diameter: 20,3 cm (8"). Choose full height with 5,08cm (2") depth to wire, or half height with 2,54 cm (1") depth to wire.

Inspected with an optical measurement system traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Each sieve bears a traceable serial number and comes with certificate of compliance to applicable ASTM E-11 and ISO specifications.

CENTERLINE® measurement (47730-590) is a NIST traceable service that checks calibration and gives statistical measurement information on each sieve.

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