Pipette baskets, Nalgene®

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific
NALGDS5241-0020EA 2143 CNY
NALGDS5241-0020 NALGDS5241-0050 NALGDS5241-0040
Pipette baskets, Nalgene®
篮筐 Pipette Baskets
Made of HDPE. Chemical resistant pipette baskets protect glass pipettes from breakage.

  • Rugged, resilient baskets cushion pipettes and won't corrode
  • Chemically compatible with most acids, bases, alcohols and detergents

A perforated screen in the bottom allows cleaning solutions to fill the chamber from the bottom and is recessed 1,9 cm for complete drainage. Use these high denisty polyethylene baskets inside Nalgene™ pipette jars to soak pipettes in cleaning or disinfection solutions, then drain and transfer into the Nalgene™ pipette washer for automatic pipette washing and rinsing. Match size letter code for best jar and washer fits.

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