Ubbelohde viscometers (ASTM)

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SCOI285400542EA 7050 CNY
SCOI285400723 SCOI285400542 SCOI285400772 SCOI285400575 SCOI285400731 SCOI285400604 SCOI285400756 SCOI285400707 SCOI285400764 SCOI285400591 SCOI285400534 SCOI285400748 SCOI285400789 SCOI285400801 SCOI285400518 SCOI285400797 SCOI285400715 SCOI285400567 SCOI285400501 SCOI285400526 SCOI285400559 SCOI285400583
Ubbelohde viscometers (ASTM)
粘度计 毛细管粘度计
Ubbelohde viscometers for manual measurements of transparent liquids.

Certifications: ASTM

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