Sample concentrators, Vivaspin®

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Sample concentrators, Vivaspin®
过滤器 离心过滤器
Vivaspin® sample concentrators are designed for fast, nondenaturing concentration of biological samples by membrane ultrafiltration.

  • One-step sample concentration in a single tube for minimal sample handling and reduced sample loss
  • Patented dead-stop technology, which ensures that samples cannot be concentrated to dryness and enables direct concentrate recovery
  • Vertical PES membrane minimises membrane blockage and tolerates high flow rates
  • Compatible pH range is from pH 1 to 9

Up to 30-fold concentration of the sample can be achieved with recovery of the target molecule typically exceeding 95%. The entire process is performed in a single tube with an upper compartment containing sample and lower compartment separated by a semipermeable membrane with a molecular weight cutoff (MWCO) selected by the user. Centrifugation is applied to force solvent through the membrane, leaving a more concentrated sample in the upper chamber.

Vivaspin® sample concentrators cater for sample volumes from 100 μl to 20 ml, with a range of molecular weight cutoff values from Mr 3000 to 100000. For maximum recovery, select a MWCO at least 50% smaller than the molecular size of the species of interest.

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