VWR®, Conductivity standard solutions

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VWRC84139.260EA 1475 CNY
VWRC84139.260 VWRC84143.260 VWRC84135.260 VWRC84142.260 VWRC84135.180 VWRC84144.260 VWRC84141.260 VWRC84134.230 VWRC84136.180 VWRC85919.260 VWRC84136.260 VWRC84149.260 VWRC84107.260 VWRC84132.260 VWRC84137.260 VWRC84145.260 VWRC84140.260 VWRC84135.290 VWRC84131.260 VWRC84146.260 VWRC84133.260 VWRC84131.180 VWRC85918.260 VWRC84138.260 VWRC84136.290 VWRC84108.260 VWRC85917.260
VWR®, Conductivity standard solutions
标准品 电导率标准
A complete range of certified control standards with values ranging from 1,3 to 500000 µs to meet all the requirements for electrochemical analysis.

  • Accurate to ±1%
  • Traceable to NIST, meeting Ph. Eur. and USP requirements
  • Tested using INAB accredited test methods to ISO 17025

Standard values (25 °C)

Used for determining cell constant - see recommendations of instrument manufacturer for the relevant cell design.

Premium values (25 °C)

These standards are for verifying that the measuring system (instrument, probe and operator) can accurately detect sample values in the area of interest (e.g., 20 μS/cm for low conductivity water used in the pharmaceutical sector, or 100000 μS/cm for environmental samples).

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