Membrane filters, Nalgene®

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific
NALGDS0205-4045EA 1824 CNY
NALGDS0205-4045 NALGDS0205-6045 NALGDS0210-4020 NALGDS0210-4045 NALGDS0215-4020 NALGDS0215-4045
Membrane filters, Nalgene®
过滤器 膜过滤器
Type 205: Cellulose nitrate, sterile. Certified to meet requirements of standard methods for water quality control for microbiological analysis, sterility tests, food and beverage testing. Individually wrapped.

Type 210: Cellulose acetate, non sterile, autoclavable. Filter for sterilisation of proteinaceous solutions. Low adsorption of proteins from serum or culture media. Resistant to alcohol and oil, can be used in short-term contact with methyl ethyl ketone, suitable for liquid scintillation counting. Must be wet when autoclaved.

Type 215: Nylon, hydrophilic, non sterile, autoclavable. For both aqueous and organic solvent filtrations. Usefull for sterilisation and clarification of buffers and culture media, ideal for HPLC solvents and ultracleaning solutions for electronics laboratories. Low levels of extractables, contain no wetting agents. Less brittle and easier to handle than cellulose.

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