Floor cleaners, NovaClean™

供应商: Micronova
Floor cleaners, NovaClean™
清洗剂 洗涤剂和表面清洁剂
Concentrated, all-purpose cleanroom detergent is designed for use between disinfectant applications and for residue removal. Free of mobile ions, this formula is effective on most surfaces, including conductive flooring and semi conductor applications.

  • All-purpose cleanroom detergent
  • Ideal for pharmaceutical and biotech applications
  • Use NC10-G amine-free formula for semi-conductor applications
  • Anti-static and safe on conductive flooring
  • Yields 60 to 128 gallons (227 to 485 L) of cleaning solution per 1 gallon container
  • Filtered to 0,1 µm; free of mobile ions
  • Low Ionic; low in sodium and potassium
  • Low non-volatile residue levels
  • Free-rinsing

The Micronova NovaClean™ Floor Cleaner is an all-purpose cleanroom detergent with a fine filtration and purity that is ideal for pharmaceutical and biotech industries. NovaClean™ AFX (NC10-G) is an amine-free formulation, particularly suited in semi-conductor applications.

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