Calibration weight sets, Class E2

供应商: VWR, part of Avantor

VWRI611-8734EA 20470 CNY
VWRI611-8734 VWRI611-8456 VWRI611-8742 VWRI611-8727 VWRI611-8733 VWRI611-8743 VWRI611-8753 VWRI611-8754 VWRI611-8725 VWRI611-8460 VWRI611-8731 VWRI611-8729 VWRI611-4938 VWRI611-8752 VWRI611-8748 VWRI611-4945 VWRI611-8724 VWRI611-8757 VWRI611-8736 VWRI611-8457 VWRI611-8728 VWRI611-8744 VWRI611-8737 VWRI611-8749 VWRI611-8756 VWRI611-8459 VWRI611-8755 VWRI611-8454 VWRI611-8722 VWRI611-8745 VWRI611-8726 VWRI611-4939 VWRI611-8455 VWRI611-4944 VWRI611-8732 VWRI611-8746 VWRI611-8458 VWRI611-8723 VWRI611-8747 VWRI611-8751 VWRI611-8735
Calibration weight sets, Class E2
称量产品 校准砝码
Weights made from solid, anti-magnetic, polished stainless steel. Suitable for high resolution electronic balances.

  • Wire weights up to 500 mg in cobalt alloy
  • Identification number guarantees traceability for weights from 1 g upwards
  • Laser engraving improves legibility of the markings
  • Available with or without COFRAC certificate

Certifications: Conform to OILM R111 recommendations.

订购须知 All weight sets listed in the 'set contents' table are available with or without COFRAC certificate - please visit or contact your local Avantor sales office. Weights are also available individually - please search for product 'Calibration weights, Class E2'.

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