Corning® Cell-Tak™ Cell and tissue adhesive

供应商: Corning
BDAA354240EA 1225 CNY
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Corning® Cell-Tak™ Cell and tissue adhesive
Corning® Cell-Tak™ Cell and Tissue Adhesive is a formulation of polyphenolic proteins extracted from Mytilus edulis (marine mussel). These proteins are the key components of the glue secreted by the mussel to anchor itself to solid substrates in the marine environment. Corning® Cell-Tak™ is used to attach cells or tissue sections to many types of surfaces, including plastic, glass, metal, PTFE, and biological materials. It can simplify the manipulation of biological samples for a number of in vitro techniques, including in situ hybridisation, immunoassays, microinjection, immunohistochemistry, and establishing primary cells in culture. Corning® Cell-Tak™ is biocompatible and demonstrates no species specificity.

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