Culture media, ready to use, in bags

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VWRC6141.01000EA 25250 CNY
VWRC853120ZB VWRC850343VBMP VWRC872760TA VWRC801121ZB VWRCAX031108 VWRC852760TA VWRC850179ZBMP VWRCAX031106 VWRC6141.01000 VWRC803120ZB VWRC800179ZT VWRC801121ZE VWRC800179ZBMP VWRCAX031110 VWRC870179ZB VWRCAX031109 VWRCAX031119 VWRC800343VBMP VWRC800343VB VWRC851121ZB VWRC870343GB VWRC850179ZB VWRC850343VB VWRC800179ZB VWRCAX031107 VWRC870343VB
Culture media, ready to use, in bags
微生物学媒介 准备微生物学媒介 Prepared Media in Bags, Liquid
Microbiology media in bags are ideally suited for high sample volumes.

  • Space saving packaging
  • No risk associated with broken glass bottles
  • Media can be easily and conveniently dispensed using a gravimetric diluter or peristaltic pump

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