Draining racks, benchtop, LaboPlast®

供应商: Bürkle
BURK9640-3040EA 4414.11 CNY
BURK9640-3040 BURK9640-3050 BURK9640-3060
Draining racks, benchtop, LaboPlast®
架子 沥水架
PVC rack, PP rods.

  • Stable benchtop rack, can use both sides
  • Rods are simply clicked into place
  • Collecting pan can be easily removed for emptying

The stable rods are individually placed into the holes of the draining rack and are clicked into place. Their positions can be changed at any time. Using a combination of rods of three different lengths (60 mm, 100 mm and extension to 150 mm), the draining rack can be adapted to any apparatus which is to be dried.

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