Scoops, disposable, PharmaScoop®, SteriWare®

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SteriWare® PharmaScoop®
SAMP8045R-500EA 7068.6 CNY
SAMP8045R-500 SAMP8045A-30S SAMP8045H-500 SAMP8045A-30 SAMP8045A-500S_U SAMP8045P-60S SAMP8045A-1000 SAMP8045P-2500S SAMP8045B-125 SAMP8045H-60 SAMP8045P-125S SAMP8045H-500S_U SAMP8045R-500_U SAMP8045P-60 SAMP8045H-500S SAMP8045A-125 SAMP8045H-125S SAMP8045R-30S SAMP8045R-60 SAMP8045P-500S_U SAMP8045A-500_U SAMP8045A-2500 SAMP8045B-125S SAMP8045A-1000S SAMP8045B-250S SAMP8045A-500S SAMP8045P-500S SAMP8045A-2500S SAMP8045H-30 SAMP8045P-30 SAMP8045P-125 SAMP8045H-250S SAMP8045R-1000 SAMP8045P-2500 SAMP8045A-60S SAMP8045A-250S SAMP8045H-125 SAMP8045A-125S SAMP8045P-500_U SAMP8045R-2500S_U SAMP8045P-1000 SAMP8045B-60S SAMP8045P-1000_U SAMP8045R-2500 SAMP8045R-2500S SAMP8045R-500S_U SAMP8045B-60 SAMP8045P-30S SAMP8045H-250 SAMP8045P-1000S SAMP8045A-500 SAMP8045R-125 SAMP8045H-1000S SAMP8045H-1000 SAMP8045R-500S SAMP8045R-60S SAMP8045A-60 SAMP8045B-250 SAMP8045R-1000S SAMP8045H-60S SAMP8045A-2500S_U SAMP8045R-250S SAMP8045A-250 SAMP8045R-250 SAMP8045P-2500S_U SAMP8045R-125S SAMP8045P-500 SAMP8045A-2500_U SAMP8045R-30
Scoops, disposable, PharmaScoop®, SteriWare®
Single-use plastic scoops for hygienic applications. These PharmaScoops are ideal for both sampling and dispensing powders and granules.

  • FDA conforming materials
  • Free from BSE/TSE and crevices
  • Full batch traceability
  • Sterile scoops are gamma irradiated (SAL 10⁻⁶)
  • Available in red, white and blue
  • Coloured versions are easy to spot if they are left in the powder by mistake

Useful alternative to traditional stainless steel scoops. They are moulded and packed in a Class 10 000 cleanroom environment. Each scoop is individually wrapped so can be used straight from the bag without the need for costly cleaning.

Certifications: FDA, EU 10/2011 and EC 1935/2004 conformity.

Packaging: Individually bagged in a heat-sealed laminate bag.

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