Ultra adhesive labels

供应商: Sampling Systems
SAMP8220A-30EA 1109.41 CNY
SAMP8220A-30 SAMP8220A-31 SAMP8220A-01 SAMP8220A-34 SAMP8220A-02 SAMP8220A-35 SAMP8220A-32 SAMP8220A-33 SAMP8220A-05 SAMP8220A-06 SAMP8220A-03 SAMP8220A-04 SAMP8220A-006 SAMP8220A-005 SAMP8220A-004 SAMP8220A-003 SAMP8220A-002 SAMP8220A-001
Ultra adhesive labels
Ultra Adhesive (UA) Labels are special high quality labels with an ultra-adhesive foil backing.

  • High strength adhesive - will even stick on very dusty surfaces
  • Working temperature range –20 to +70 °C
  • Dust and weatherproof

UA Labels are ideal for sealing sacks after sampling. The label will not only record the fact that the sack has been sampled but it will prevent the sack from leaking powder as it is handled.

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