VWR® Sampling Kit for Food Industries

供应商: Avantor
VWR® Sampling Kit for Food Industries
采样器 固体取样器
Strong plastic briefcase with various sampling tools for food products, animal feed and water.

  • Solid and stable case
  • All disposable accessories required are available

Suitable for powdered, liquid, solid, pasty, soft, creamy, frozen and granular samples.

订购须知 Includes sampling tools for food industries: Ice sampler (300-0165), frozen sampler (300-0164), conical sampler for solids (300-0291), liquid sampler (300-0173), sampling lance (300-0163), powder sampler (300-0166), cylindrical sampler for solids (300-0171), multisector probe 560 mm in aluminium - separated sectors (300-0170), thermometer metal probe 10 event record (620-2343), Ellipso-spoon sampler stainless steel, 18 cm (BELAH368060018), Ellipso-spoon sampler stainless steel, 40 cm (BELAH368090040), stainless steel spatula wooden handle 30×200 mm.

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