Accessories for FreeZone® freeze drying systems

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Accessories for FreeZone® freeze drying systems
Fast-Freeze® flasks for FreeZone® freeze dry systems are designed to be easier to handle, faster to load, and more convenient to use in the laboratory for freeze drying.

  • Compatible with all major brands of freeze drying equipment, including labconco and Virtis™

Fast-Freeze® flasks simplify lyophilization procedures with a wide-mouth design that allows easy access to samples.

Flat bottom, high-strength borosilicate glass flask withstands high heat and deep vacuum. Uniform glass walls maximize heat transfer while maintaining structural strength. Wide-mouth design provides full access to entire inner diameter of glassware for easy loading and cleaning. Silicone rubber snap-on tops provide reliable high-vacuum seals. Flasks should be filled no more than one-third of the volume so a maximum surface area is achieved and efficient lyophilization is assured.

Flask adapters attach to Fast-Freeze® flasks for connection to valve ports on drying chambers or manifolds for freeze dry systems. Choose borosilicate glass or stainless steel, straight or 45° angle adapters in 0,63 cm (1/4") and 1,9 cm (3/4") diameters.

Flask holders help to prevent sample melt back. They allow a small fast freeze flask bottom containing the sample to be placed inside a larger fast freeze flask so that the vacuum surrounding the sample insulates it from the room atmosphere. Stainless steel. Flasks not included.

订购须知 Each complete flask is supplied with 100 filter papers of 2,5 cm (1") diameter. Adapters sold separately. Flask bottoms, tops and filter paper are also available individually. For other glassware including ampules, serum bottles, and Lyph-Lock® flasks, contact your avantor representative.

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