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供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   These digital tablet cameras make microscopes work and share images (.png and .jpeg) through a wireless network, check documents, read emails and brow...
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   Our digital cameras are specially designed for everyday applications.
目录号: (VWRI630-2670)
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   该款1080p相机能够向SD卡提供图像和视频的实时视频图像或连接至电脑。其具有高帧频(60帧频HDMI和30帧频USB)以及高信噪比传感器,可实现10秒曝光时间,打造出高清图像和弱光荧光效果。应用范围包括病理学、材料和质量检验、教育、荧光和医学解剖成像。
UOM:  1 * 1 件
目录号: (VWRI611-2257)
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   该款目镜相机能够提供实时预览,并可以将图像传输至电脑内。
UOM:  1 * 1 件
目录号: (VWRI630-2919)
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   This digital colour camera can handle images with lowest latency to get the fastest response.
UOM:  1 * 1 件
目录号: (VWRI630-2678)
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   This tablet features an integrated camera for any trinocular microscope with C-mount adapter. The imaging software allows for live display, image capt...
UOM:  1 * 1 件
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   Scientific 5.0 MP CCD camera 1/1.8” with built-in buffer 16 MB memory to deliver high frame rate (20 fps at 2608×1950) and stable image transmission. ...
UOM:  1 * 1 件
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   The VisiCam Pro Cool is designed with an external cooling system for specific applications.
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