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目录号: (VWRC7201.06750)
供应商:  VWR Chemicals
描述:   Each bag contains a pre-weighed amount of granulated media in a double bagged bag and is irradiated. Just in time enrichment - add sterile water and s...
UOM:  1 * 20 件
供应商:  VWR Chemicals
描述:   For various microbiological applications. The special packaging of the 55 mm plates has several advantages: good protection of the plates during trans...
UOM:  1 * 20 件
目录号: (VWRC22.06.100.154)
供应商:  VWR Chemicals
描述:   B 1 selective stock solution, 填充: 100 ml, 尺寸: 100 ml, 应用: Dilution
UOM:  1 * 100 毫升
目录号: (PALL4313)
供应商:  Pall Laboratory
描述:   M-Endo broth is used for the estimation of coliform bacteria in water samples using the membrane filtration technique. It is possible to remove bacter...
UOM:  1 * 1 件
供应商:  Pall Laboratory
描述:   A wide variety of sterile ampoule media for common microbiological analyses, in clear glass or plastic ampoules. Supplied pre-measured for maximum eff...
供应商:  Hach
描述:   Microbiological media in ampoules, Presence-Absence broth
目录号: (HACH2373550)
供应商:  Hach
描述:   m-Endo broth detects total coliform bacteria (colonies with a greenish-gold sheen). For potable water samples, confirm with Lauryl Tryptose and Brilli...
UOM:  1 * 50 件
目录号: (HACH2401612)
供应商:  Hach
描述:   Selectiv for Total Coliform Bacteria and Escherichia coli. Broth in pre-filled bottles.
UOM:  1 * 12 件
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