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供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   Beladung: Probenmengen von 150 bis 450 mg
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   Resistant to all normal phase solvents used.
供应商:  Avantor Performance Materials
描述:   Biochromatography columns for analytical and preparative HPLC, low pressure LC and batch purification.
供应商:  Pall Laboratory
描述:   Accelerating protein purification and analysis. "Gel-in-a-shell technology" ceramic HyperD® ion exchange chromatography resin provides rapid protein p...
UOM:  1 * 4 件
供应商:  Avantor Performance Materials
描述:   Column type: SPE, BAKERBOND®, SiOH, 容量: 6 ml, 工作台重量: 500 mg
供应商:  Avantor Performance Materials
描述:   SPE C18 columns contain endcapped sorbent of strong hydrophobicity, applied when most of nonpolar analytes are extracted. They provide excellent recov...
供应商:  Pall Laboratory
描述:   PP column housing, cap, plug and adapter; PE column frit
供应商:  Avantor Performance Materials
描述:   Standard ultraclean PP SPE columns are used for samples from 0,2 - 10 ml when standard speed, recovery, and final concentration are needed. These colu...
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