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供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   VWR®多孔板经过真空等离子体处理,可实现持久的细胞附着和生长。
供应商:  Corning Life Science
描述:   Clear PS, sterile. Corning® Osteo Assay Surface is a 3-dimensional structure that mimics in vivo bone for in vitro bone cell assays. Thi...
供应商:  Corning Life Science
描述:   Clear PS, flat bottom, with lid. Available with a choice of surface treatments.
供应商:  Corning Life Science
描述:   PS, fibronectin coated, with lid. Flat bottomed plates suitable for high throughput applications.
供应商:  Corning Life Science
描述:   PS, clear, with lid.
供应商:  Corning Life Science
描述:   PS
供应商:  Corning Life Science
描述:   PS, flat bottom, sterile (aseptic assembly) and certified non-pyrogenic, with lid. Microplates coated with poly-D-lysine for enhanced cell attachment.
供应商:  Corning Life Science
描述:   PS, black opaque microplate with optically clear bottom, with lid. The Ultra-Low Attachment surface is a covalently bound hydrogel layer that is hydro...
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