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供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   A simple quick test for hygiene control of work surfaces. Application fields: Food industry, catering, dairy industry, health authority, HACCP consult...
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   SAS Pinocchio Super II is a microbial impaction sampler to test the microbiological quality of compressed air and gases used in cleanrooms. A compress...
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   When environmental contamination is very low and the number of samples to be performed is high, operational duration can be an important factor in the...
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   SAS Super Isolator instruments (available with airflows of 100 l/min and 180 l/min) have been created for the specific monitoring of closed environmen...
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   可延伸的拧入式轴,有一个钢芯,刚度高且用PTFE完全包裹。基本装置包括一个带单600mm轴的容器。第二个轴(331-0005)能拧到手柄上,以增加长度。
目录号: (PBIB4760)
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   Cylindrical probe for the proper sampling of frozen products packed in bulk – to be used with electrical drill - suitable to collect frozen goods. Ide...
UOM:  1 * 1 件
目录号: (PBIB4746)
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   Syringe sampler for sampling liquids and viscous fluids - this unit has a large bore, a long needle welded to the syringe and is of particular use whe...
UOM:  1 * 1 件
供应商:  VWR Collection
描述:   Directly derived from the SAS instrument used on the “International Space Station”, the SAS Super ISO 100 and SAS Super ISO 180 have been specifically...
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